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Heating Systems

We understand that no other single system in your home plays a larger role in your comfort or how much your utility bill will be than your heating system. That’s why we specialize in comfortable, cost-effective heating solutions, including furnaces and heat pumps. We also provide annual maintenance contracts and assess your heating system to evaluate its energy-efficiency.

Sizing Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

HVAC systems more than 10 years old are often unreliable and much less efficient than a modern system. When it’s time for a new replacement, choosing the correct size is critical to getting the best efficiency, comfort, and lowest maintenance and operating costs over the life of the new system.

Some national surveys have determined that well over half of all HVAC contractors do not size heating and cooling systems correctly. We offer ACCA manual “J” compliant load calculations that can be performed when replacing your system, giving you the most for your money.



Radiant heating systems are those that supply heat directly to surfaces in your home, such as the floor or panels in the walls, to efficiently transfer heat to the interior. Radiant heating is not only more efficient than

baseboard and forced-air systems, which lose heat between the source and destination, it can be healthier for those with allergies since no air is disturbed during the heating process.

The most effective types of radiant heating systems are in the floor and are liquid-based, or Hydronic. These systems circulate water heated by an energy source such as a gas furnace, wood stove or solar water heater, though tubes mounted either directly in a solid floor surface, such as concrete covered with tile, or under a wood or carpeted floor.

Interested in finding out whether a Radiant Heating system is right for your home? Call the professionals for a free consultation.

Learn more about radiant heating from the U.S. Department of Energy.


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