Fall Drainage Tips: How to Keep Your System Clear

As the temperature drops and you’re preparing your home for the colder temperature, it’s important to remember your home’s drainage system. In addition to tuning your heating and cooling system, keeping your drains working will prevent future headaches as the season changes. Here are some items you need to take care of this fall:

Clear leaves and other debris from your yard

While it’s true that leaves will do a great job of fertilizing the soil, they don’t serve your drainage system well. Fall rains coupled with large amounts of neglected leaves will clog drains and can cause flooding. Even if you avoid this extreme situation, water that isn’t drained will turn to dangerous ice when temperatures drop below freezing. Even if fall

debris manages to get washed away, it will cause problems later on. You might find yourself with a spring flood without even realizing that the problem originated the previous fall. Take care of this task and save yourself the hassle.

Watch what you put down the drain

With holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween, extra family gatherings happen, often with extra cooking. Some of that cooking involves grease and ingredients that can easily accumulate and block drains. Be vigilant about what goes down the drain during the good times and you won’t have to worry about backups causing you bad times.

Have your drainage system inspected

Preventative maintenance is always preferable to dealing with disasters that could be avoided. Take the time to inspect your system before the winter comes so you can deal with issues while they are more

manageable. If you have ongoing issues with drain clogs and drain cleaners just won’t cut it, hire a professional to check for blockages and broken or collapsed sections of pipe.

Last chance to replace broken pipe before winter

Once you do a thorough check, you may discover pipework that needs to be replaced. Have this work done before the cold weather sets in and you’re stuck with a flooded basement (or bathroom or kitchen) while the ground is frozen outside.

Clear any slow drains before they get worse

Sometimes in the rush of everyday life, you may get used to sinks that drain slowly, procrastinating because you just don’t have the time. Make it a point to deal with any of these seemingly small problems in the fall rather than waiting for a disaster to strike at the worst time.

If you need help maintaining your drainage system this fall, give Advantage a call.

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